Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Pier

Every time we go down to the beach, we make a stop on the pier. Whether we're fishing or site-seeing, it has to be a part of the trip.Years of hurricanes and the constantly moving ocean has warped the shape of the pier. It's crazy-looking!
There's been many fishing lure that's fallen victim to this pier.
It's a long way downThis older gentlemen was priceless. He was watching a younger guy trying to reel in a sting ray. Sad to say, but the ray was too much fight for the kid so he had to cut the line. But it sure was fun to watch him fight the thing and watch other people watch him.
Not sure what the fish tail fins were about. They were nailed to both sides of the rail at deepest end of the pier. Those silly lovebirds again. My parents had no idea that I got so many great shots of them.
There's the whole crew eating ice cream and walking along. And with this shot, concludes the Great Summer Vacation Photo Marathon of 2009. I hope all of you have had a nice taste of summer with these snapshots of one of the best vacations the Hubby and I have had since we've been married. It was truly magical.


Kristin said...

what a lovely post. I enjoyed all of your photos for sure :)

Mod Bohemians said...

your pictures are beautiful.

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