Sunday, May 31, 2009

Quick Sunday Afternoon Project

Made this bag this afternoon for my good friend who needed a graduation present for her niece. It's a pattern from this book. It was a lot of fun to just throw it together last minute.

Peanut for Kayla Elizabeth

I've been inspired by Amber to make gifts for the new babies that enter into my life. A couple of months ago I made my first baby blanket for little Baby Mote and this go-round I've made a Peanut the Wee Elephant from Last Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts. It's for a beautiful little new one named Kayla Elizabeth.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Don't Ya Wanna Hug 'Em?

I finished my dolls for Craft Hope. They're just so lovable and hugable. I'm so excited for the two children who get to love on these dolls and for the joy that will be brought into their lives.

My dear blogging friend Eren has such a big heart for the children of Nicaragua and I'm so excited to support her cause. It's not too late for you to get involved, as well. Just visit Craft Hope for details and start making those dolls.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rain & Shine

So...I know it's almost the new weekend, but I've been so busy this week that I'm just now getting around to posting about our Memorial Day Weekend. It was definitely a relaxing one, filled with good food, good friends, and good times.

On Saturday the Hubby and I spent the afternoon at the pool. *Sigh* My poor little white body was craving the sun.

Sunday was filled with church, naps, sewing, helping friends move, going to the Immediate Care Center to have the Hubby's ear irrigated, and dinner out with friends.

Sadly, Monday was not what we had hoped for (weather-wise). We were hoping for an entire day spent at the pool. Unfortunately, we woke to this...
But it ended up being a very productive and fun-filled day...and my Hubby did all of the cooking! Woohoo! for a man who loves his kitchen!
Here's the yummy breakfast he fixed me.

And later that afternoon, my beautiful friend/maid of honor Alicia stopped by on her way back to Chicago. I had not seen her since last August when I was in her wedding. It was so good to drink coffee, spend time chatting about what God was doing in our lives and laugh about how we're "little adults" now.

What a delightful if only this weekend could be the same way...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Blogging Happiness

Found this incredible blog today while perusing the Web...
You must visit her blog and see the beauty that she creates.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Blueberry Pie Refashioned Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

I must have this dress! So stinkin' adorable!

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Back in March I received an email from the amazingly wonderful Dana at Old Red Barn Co. And do you know what that email said? Well of course you don't (unless you're my Hubby or my Mom). In that email Dana asked Revel Design (my graphic design studio) to partake in quite an adventure that combined two of my passions...sewing and graphic design. Ya see, she wanted me to design the marketing materials for her Sew-Along that she is having. Ya know, that one where she's giving away a Janome 6600P Sewing Machine? Yeah. That one. So of course I jumped on board - full of enthusiasm!

But wait - it gets better. Not only were the designs that I created going to be posted on her blog, but they were going to go as 11x17 posters and 8.5x5.5 flyers to the International Quilt Market in Pittsburgh - AND they were going to be handed out by Paula Prass at the Michael Miller Fabrics booth. Can you say Holy Cow?!! I was so delighted and so excited to partake in such an opportunity. Not only have I been able to collaborate with Dana, but I've also been able to connect with Paula Prass (who lives here in Indiana). I just love doing what I do.

Now I'm sure many of you have already seen these graphics if you've been to Dana's site...but just in they are again.

P.S. To see more of my design work, check out

Thursday, May 21, 2009


There's been another domestic break-through in our kitchen.
That's right folks, I made home-made strawberry jam for the first time. Yummy!

Spread it on an English Muffin and you've got the tastiest breakfast in town.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Queen of Hearts

I'm so excited to share a beautiful addition to my studio. For my Birthday, my parents got me something that I had been desiring ever since I laid eyes on it...It's the Alice in Wonderland print set from Emily at The Black Apple. I was finally able to hang them up last week because all of the frames came in. Aren't they just beautiful?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Notion or Two April Block

I finally finished my A Notion or Two April block for Russ.
Sorry it took so long. April just blew by!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Robot for Finnegan

This month's block for A Notion or Two was so much fun. It was for a fun little guy named Finnegan...and Finnegan like robots.
So...since I had some left-over fabric for the block and some fun fabric of my own, I figured I would make a robot for the little guy.

Introducing Gidget, the Gadget, Robot!
It was all improve (which was fun and a little tricky at the same time) but I enjoyed every second of it. AND I got to use the machine applique feature on my sewing machine for the first time. Seeew much fun!

Oh yeah...and here's the block for mommymae.
It's a pinwheel, so it's a classic pattern, but the fabric and the way it's laid out gives it a modern twist. I also embroidered the little guy's nick-name on the bottom-right corner.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Around the House Saturdays

While home in Virginia a while back, my parents gave me some wonderful metal basins and trays that came from Grandfather's (my Dad's Dad) old country store. One of the trays has found a happy home as an extra layer on our coffee table.

The colorful bowl is one of my antique finds from the Southport Antique Mall. It's a great container for the many remotes that control our TV, DVD player, and cable box.
Having a tray like this on the coffee table helps set everything apart from the dark brown of the coffee table (which by the way is also a fixer-upper from my Great Uncle's house). I love how the tray brings everything together and makes everything look like one collection of items.

Hope these ideas spark some creative ideas in your mind and I hope your Saturday is full of excitement and fun!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Promise...

I am still sewing. In fact, I have several projects just waiting for me to start/finish.
Think I'm telling a tale?
See for yourself.

This is my "A Notion or Two" April Block for Russ. It's all folded funny right now b/c I'm in the process of mitering the corners. Here's a good tutorial for that if you need help learning. I know it helped me. I promise it's almost finished. Just need to finish mitering the corners and then I'll send it to ya.

Do you see this insanity? This is my "projects" basket. Let's just say it's over-flowing with goodness that seems to laugh at me every time I walk by. BUT I won't let it get to me. These projects will get done when they get done. As my Nanny always says, "The sign of a true quilter is to have several projects going at one time."

And this stack holds two projects in it. The top half are all 12 of my blocks for my quilting bee quilt. I'm so excited that all 12 are here. Now I can get to piecing it. Did you see that bolt of white fabric in the shot of my project basket? That is 10 yards of yummy white on white fabric that I'm going to use for the sashing in my quilt. All of the bright colors will pop against the white.

The bottom half of the pile is my dreamy packet of Anna Maria Horner Good Folks stash that is going to be turned into a lap quilt. Can't wait to get that one started soon!

And just in case you're still not convinced by the photographic evidence, here is my project list to-date:
  1. Dolls for Craft Hope
  2. April Quilt Block
  3. May Quilt Block
  4. Baby Blanket for JoAnna's Baby
  5. Mom's Birthday Quilt
  6. Quilting Bee Quilt
  7. Good Folk's Byzantine Sun Lap Quilt
  8. pastel lap quilt
  9. Fall Quilt
  10. Funky Flower Table Runner
I's exhilarating/exhausting just looking at list. But it just means a lot of good ol' fun sewing going on up in this here home. Anybody wanna come over and help me?
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