Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Promise...

I am still sewing. In fact, I have several projects just waiting for me to start/finish.
Think I'm telling a tale?
See for yourself.

This is my "A Notion or Two" April Block for Russ. It's all folded funny right now b/c I'm in the process of mitering the corners. Here's a good tutorial for that if you need help learning. I know it helped me. I promise it's almost finished. Just need to finish mitering the corners and then I'll send it to ya.

Do you see this insanity? This is my "projects" basket. Let's just say it's over-flowing with goodness that seems to laugh at me every time I walk by. BUT I won't let it get to me. These projects will get done when they get done. As my Nanny always says, "The sign of a true quilter is to have several projects going at one time."

And this stack holds two projects in it. The top half are all 12 of my blocks for my quilting bee quilt. I'm so excited that all 12 are here. Now I can get to piecing it. Did you see that bolt of white fabric in the shot of my project basket? That is 10 yards of yummy white on white fabric that I'm going to use for the sashing in my quilt. All of the bright colors will pop against the white.

The bottom half of the pile is my dreamy packet of Anna Maria Horner Good Folks stash that is going to be turned into a lap quilt. Can't wait to get that one started soon!

And just in case you're still not convinced by the photographic evidence, here is my project list to-date:
  1. Dolls for Craft Hope
  2. April Quilt Block
  3. May Quilt Block
  4. Baby Blanket for JoAnna's Baby
  5. Mom's Birthday Quilt
  6. Quilting Bee Quilt
  7. Good Folk's Byzantine Sun Lap Quilt
  8. pastel lap quilt
  9. Fall Quilt
  10. Funky Flower Table Runner
I's exhilarating/exhausting just looking at list. But it just means a lot of good ol' fun sewing going on up in this here home. Anybody wanna come over and help me?


Anonymous said...

Be right there.... I wish!!
Love, Mumma:)

I can't find the top of my table there are so many projects!!

Amy - Park City Girl said...

I'm glad my tute helped! Your list of projects is similar to the list in my head of yet to be started projects :) Happy sewing!

TheBackPorchQuilters said...

I like what you did to the block..... Russ

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