Tuesday, July 29, 2008

[a weekend of treasure hunting, sewing, and 2 blondes]

when we get together...there's just no stopping us.

look at the beautiful treasures we brought home! we found a yard sale, went to our favorite antique mall here in Indiana, and to a lovely fabric store called Clementine's Dry Goods.

a fish bottle that looks marvelous in my bathroom.

lovely Amy Butler fabrics and antique fabrics and tables cloths...oh and a fun tin bowl with bright colors!

Mom's beautiful chandelier that she's going to hang on her front porch.

a manual mixer...don't know if I'm going to use it or find somewhere fun to put it in my kitchen.

antique necklaces and monogrammed statoinary.

a basket full of goodies on top of a picnic basket that I bought for 5 dollars!

more lovely fabrics...

while at Clementine's we bought a pattern of one of Amy Butler's bags [the birdie sling]

look at these fabrics...if only they knew the wonderful purse they are about to become!

these were mom's choices.

and thus it begins...

look we made pockets!

and the top trim...

look at those gussets!

hard at work on the sewing machine.

they're finished!!

look at the beautiful inside!

modeling our beautiful creations...thank you Amy Butler for your beauty & creativity!

Monday, July 28, 2008

[it has arrived]

today i arrived home from work to find a package...
this video will tell the rest of the story...

oh how i love it!
thank you soooo much Dana!!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

[here i am]

well hello blog world.
i finally have a personal blog where i will be posting the silly little things about my life that i love...

...my husband, Dustin

...my love for gardening

...my love for quilting

...my dog Jalen (such a happy puppy)

...my kitty Purrvilous (yes he always has an attitude)

...and much, much more!

hope you enjoy!
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