Wednesday, July 23, 2008

[here i am]

well hello blog world.
i finally have a personal blog where i will be posting the silly little things about my life that i love...

like... husband, Dustin love for gardening love for quilting dog Jalen (such a happy puppy) kitty Purrvilous (yes he always has an attitude)

...and much, much more!

hope you enjoy!


Dana said...

I'll be visiting daily. I hope you post lots! Your fabric photo is enough to keep me coming back!! Hope you show some of your quilts soon.

Dana said...

P.S. Did you know that your email address from your other blog doesn't send to you? I get an mail demon message every time I try to respond to one of your comments through my blog. Must be you don't have that email address anymore. ??

Mrs. V said...

Hello, Sarah,
Congratulations for winning the quilt, it is kinda a letdown now that this "contest" is over.... It's left me with a feeling of 'now what do I spend my time thinking about?'
You will have to post all the photos of when you get the quilt, maybe a video of you receiving the package and opening it for the first time on the video. That would be cool. You can't let this hype die down. There are around 3000 people out there watching you and thinking about "their" quilt. You have to let us know if it is indeed as soft as it looks, does it give you a thrill to look at it, how do you feel when you wrap yourself in it?
I'm the red-head that Dana posted a video on the same page your video is on.
You're one of my 'favorites' so I will be coming back to view your brand new blog.
I have a 'quilt' story but it makes my eyes water just thinking about it so I'll save it for later.

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