Friday, July 31, 2009

I Love Old Stuff

One of the things that we were looking most forward to on our vacation was the opportunity to do some major antiquing. And after finding the book Recycled Home our eyes were opened in a completely new way as trekked through the various antique stores in Virginia and North Carolina. Here are just a few items that were scattered about...
The outside of this one antique mall was loaded with goodies...too bad we didn't have any room to take any of these old windows with us.

Virginia is known for peanuts, so of course on our drive down to North Carolina, we had to make a stop at this store to get shelled peanuts. They made great snacks for sitting on the beach.

And these are more photos of the the wonderful antique store in North Carolina that specializes in stained glass windows from Victorian homes. You can see more pics of this beautiful place in this post.

Overall, we found some really great treasures that we can't wait to put around home once we've finished redecorating our bedroom. A lot of the goodies we found are going to be perfect in there.


amandajean said...

what would you do with the old windows? i have a few that my husband is trying to throw out, but i keep insisting that i need them. any ideas? please?

tara said...

I love old windows. My husband made me a greenhouse out of a bunch. My mil puts black lettering decals (with cute sayings) on hers and hangs them. She also made a mirror with hooks at the bottom with one.

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