Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lee's Loft

The beach cottage (Lee's Loft) that my parents rent every year is our nice vacation home away from home. We've stayed there for as long as I can remember and it's just so nice. I had a lot of fun capturing the little details of it this year.

This pretty little bird woke us up one morning with a pretty little tune. He was perched on the porch right outside our bedroom.Mom made these fun flags/banners out of bandanna cheater cloth. They were the perfect accessory for the porch.These are just a few of the shells that we found while combing the shores. I have plans to place them all over our house and I may even make a picture frame with the purple ones.


kristi said...

LOVE the seashells! My fiance and I are having a beach themed wedding reception and have been collecting seashells!! I love to see all the different sizes and colors :)

Lee Beth said...

Hello. I just came across your blog. I really like it and I really like the pictures in this post. The place looks beautiful. Well come check out my blog if you'd like :)

Kristin said...

that will certainly make a beautiful picture frame :)

dana said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous...all of it....i don't know where to start. Love your photos!

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