Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Recycled Fabrics

Here's another one of those projects where I took some "old stuff" and made it into something new. While we were in Virginia for vacation, my mother-in-law showed me this great vintage flour sack that she had. She wasn't sure what do to with it, so I suggested she turn it into a large tote bag. Shortly after I made the suggestion, she very sweetly asked if I would be willing to take it back to Indiana and turn it into the tote. Excited by the project, I obviously said yes.


A couple of weeks ago, I was on a sewing spree and decided I would tackle the project. I took the flour sack and one of my thrifted pillow cases and went to work. The great thing about working with an old sack and a pillow case, is half of the work is already complete. All I had to do was cut the two pieces to the length I wanted the bag to be, make some straps, and sew everything together. I made the straps out of the left-over fabric from the sack and the pillow case and the entire project took maybe 30 minutes.
It was so exciting to give these two items a new purpose and my mother-in-law absolutely loved it! She couldn't get over how nicely it worked out and how it was reversible.


Sarah said...

What a great idea...I love it!

Amy - Park City Girl said...

Great bag! I love the floral lining :)

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