Saturday, August 15, 2009

Around the House Saturdays - Recycled Home Edition

Recently, the Hubby and I discovered this amazing book that has completely transformed the way we look at home decor. And this book was the key component to our master bedroom make-over.

**Warning - this post is a bit longer than most Saturday posts, but it's totally worth looking at.**
1. & 2. Before - We loved how "warm" our room was, but after 2 years of the same color we were ready for a refreshing new look.

3. The new wall color is a very light gray called Turtledove. The frame over the bed was a $5 find at an antique store in North Carolina. The bed will soon have my quilt from A Notion or Two. Right now it's with Russ at Rhonda, who are long-arm quilting it.4. Reminders of the beach. We collected so many shells at the beach and have placed them throughout the house. The little wooden box was made by my parents a few years ago. It's filled with purple shells. The colorful print behind it all is a special edition lithograph print of Anthropologie's June catalog. They had Hatch Show Print design they're June catalog cover and had 300 original prints to sell. I received #102.5. We found some old wooden crates of various sizes that we've converted into shelves. This was one of those really great ideas from Recycled Home.
6. Everything on the top of this shelf is a "found object," whether it be a hand-me-down, yard sale find or found in nature.7. This piece of driftwood was one of our most favorite finds while on vacation. It adds a natural feel to everything. The block behind it, is actually an old woodblock print that we found at a yard sale.8. My Hubby bought this pitcher for me at a yard sale. Most would think that it needs to be cleaned, but I love the tarnished look that it has.9. This shelf is actually an old Lollipop soda crate that my father-in-law gave us. It's perfect for holding various knick-knacks.
10. Can't get enough sea shells...and they look great when compiled in a mason jar.11. Here is a collection of little pieces of driftwood. They add texture to the display when placed beside these 70's style floral mugs.
12. We found this box/shelf at an antique mall in Williamsburg, Virginia. It had spots of old green paint on it that gives the shelf some pop. And don't you just love my new little collection of owls? Each one was purchased at a different place for less than $1.13. I added a piece of decorative paper to the back of one side of this shelf so the wood blocks/stamps could stand out more.14. & 15. Before, we had very dark drapes over the windows, which made our bedroom very dark. We've freshened it up by hanging up these linen drapes from IKEA. Don't you just want to curl up on this love seat and read a book?
16. This light shade hangs from the ceiling. We've always had it, but didn't really appreciate it's fresh glow until we redesigned the room. 17. This loveseat used to be in our living room, but when we bought our new furniture it needed a new home, and our bedroom was the perfect place for it.
18. My dad made this bookshelf for me when I was a little girl. It used to be stained with a really light stain, but when I moved from home, my parents gave it a faux-distressed look. It's functional as well as beautiful.19. More antique store and yard sale finds. The bird print was $1 at a yard sale. I took it out of it's original frame and placed it in a white frame. The contemporary contrast with the "Granny Chic" of the print gives it a fresher look. We found this Victorian house corner piece at the antique store I shared with you in this post.
20. Mixing books with porcelain items like vases and tea saucers are some ideas that I found in a special edition of Real Simple called Solutions.21. The last make-over area was our dresser. This is a piece that my parents refurbished many years ago and it became ours when we moved to Indiana. In the past, it was very cluttered and I didn't have a mirror to use when I put on jewelry.
22. My Hubby found this mirror at a yard sale and gave it a faux-distressed look. I highly suggest you try this very easy 30 minute project. It started out as a natural-colored stained wooden mirror. To give it this look, Dustin light sanded it then gave it a very light coat of white paint. While the paint was still tacky, he sanded it down in different areas to give it that distressed look. We have several pieces of furniture that have this same look throughout our home.
23. Here's another piece that my Hubby made. He took a piece of oak wood and beveled the edges. He then stained it and added an antique knob to it. It's the perfect place for hanging neckalaces.24. & 25. I used a large jar to hang more necklaces on. And to add more weight and more texture, I put some shells and driftwood in the bottom of it.
26. I found this piece of driftwood on the beach and immediately knew I would use it to display jewelry. It's perfect for bracelets.27. Little plates and tea saucers are perfect for holding little pieces of jewelry like rings and earrings.

It's so nice to have everything re-organized and fresh looking in our bedroom. We find ourselves wanting to spend so much more time relaxing in there. It's almost like our beach cottage away from home. The finishing touch of the room will be the new quilt and throw pillows on the bed. As soon as all of that is complete, I will be sure to share it!


King family said...

First I've been to your blog. Nice. I loved the excitement in your newly refurbished bedroom.
You won over at one shabby chic. yep, you sure did.
I remember you from a win at Old Red Barn Co.
I'd say your one lucky gal. Also as I scrolled down a ways notice you were another winner awhile back. I guess your one lucky gal. Your new bedroom is very nice.

mommymae said...

i love the new look! you guys are good at this! i especially love the wooden crates turned into shelves. i'm always on the lookout for wooden crates, but never find any i want to spend the money on.

Lee Beth said...

These are great pictures and really interesting about all the cool antique-ish stuff. Doesn't a new look to a room just make things great?

Samantha S said...

It all looks so stunning, well done. I really love the old crates turned into shelves, I will have to keep a look out for something like that, but I'm not sure where you would find stuff like that. Thanks for the peek into your home.

tara said...

Fantastic job. I just distressed a table by watering down white paint. I painted it on a sanded surface and then wiped it off. Tada. Thanks for sharing your room.

Kristin said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE the new room. Design is perfect and its just wonderful. Job well done, sarah.

Anonymous said...

IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Diddy and I are so thankful that you and Dustin love the "old" with the new!! Sending new treasures your way this week from Virginia!!!
Love, Mumma:)

Anonymous said...

Great picture collection you have. Keep updating this blog with such nice pics.


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