Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday Mornings With Biscuits & Gravy

At least one Saturday out of every month, the Hubby and I go over to Joel and Kellie's house for biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs, and banana bread. Their house is always filled with excitement (especially when their four beautiful children are playing freeze tag in the house). During our visit, Kellie and I will talk about all things sewing, crafting and quilting, while Joel and Dustin listen to all kinds of music and pick out their favorite guitar leads, bass riffs, and drum solos.

Well today was one of those Saturdays and I decided to bring my camera with me so I could photograph their newly painted and decorated home. Kellie has an amazing eye for Goodwill treasures and she always has something new to show me while we visit. Here are a few photos of their quaint little house.


Dana said...

Looks like they have a beautiful home!! Can I come next time? :)

Kellie said...

I'm in tears of joy....thank you for capturing these shots, saying all those nice things and loving our breakfast mornings. And tell Dana she is MORE than welcome anytime- I'll trade her: biscuits for a quilt?

jessicanicole said...

great photos and your friend has an adorable place! how are you, sarah?

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