Friday, January 16, 2009

Pinny Finds a House

Over the summer I went through a lot of my childhood bookshelves and found the many treasures that I used to read over and over again as a child. One of those books was called "Pinny Finds a House."

Pinny and Victor are "Dutch dolls," tiny jointed toys that were first made in Europe in the eighteenth century. After Peter Firmin saw "The Smallest Doll in the World" in a museum, he carved this set of Dutch dolls, using ebony and white wood. His grandchildren's request for a story provided the final inspiration to bring Pinny and Victor to life.

Victor is the smallest sailor in the world and he wished that somebody lived in the china house next to his sailing boat.

The china house has different visitors, but no one ever stays long enough.

Peg the Peddler Doll showed up one day and that's when Victor discovered Pinny.

But he had to trade something with Peg in order to make Pinny his neighbor. He found a diamond ring which was a perfect trade.

And so Pinny was able to live in the china house next to Victor.

This of course is just a brief summary of the story. If you truly want to enjoy the entire story and all of the illustrations, I highly suggest you get a copy. It will definitely be a story that is treasured by your little ones. I'm excited for the day when I'm able to read it to our children.

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