Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We Walked About to See the Art

A couple of weekends ago, the Hubby and I enjoyed a day of yard saling and art walking. I have no photos to share of the items we discovered whilst meandering through other people's 25 cent items, but I can tell you that I got a fabulous deal on some barely used newborn onesies (5 for a dollar to be exact), some little pants and hoodies for our little one who will need the snuggly warmth in the chilly October weather when he/she arrives, and some very loved children's books to add to our ever-growing collection.

I do, however, have some wonderful photos from the Broad Ripple Art Fair. It was a perfect day for the two of us to enjoy. The weather was mild and sunny and our energy was in full gear.

The Indianapolis Art Center puts on the Art Fair as one of their biggest annual fundraisers. The Art Center is a fabulous place for any person who desires to learn a craft. We were actually able to go into many of the workshops/studios and see masters and students working away on their art.

The food was oh so very yummy. They had local vendors set up all around the grounds, as well as vendors selling the traditional "fair food." No outdoor event is complete without funnel cake and lemonade.

The sugary magnetic force of Arndt's Fundgery stand drew us in. There was no escaping the free samples of fudge. And of course we had to support the cavity-inducing salesman by buying a box of our desired choices, white chocolate cheese cake and chocolate walnut.

The grounds of the Art Center are absolutely beautiful. I loved these beautiful looking and beautiful smelling flowers hanging from the trellesis's all along the pathways.

This little artist was fun to watch. Children could stop by this booth and contribute their own paint brush strokes to the canvas.

And of course, where else would you see a larger-than-life flamingo? I don't think this one would work in your yard though...

All in all, what a great day. So many talented people. Such lively entertainment. We will definitely do it again next year.


Amber said...

how fun! And wow - those caramels and fudge look so yummy! Great photos and what a fun way to spend the day!

Deb said...

Great photos! I have to ask, what is funnel cake?? sounds intriging, but not a name i've heard before. I live in New Zealand :)

American Quilter's Society said...

Great captured moments! Aah, the funnel cake!

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