Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Moment from the Archives

Found this burst of light while skimming through my photo archives the other day. Doesn't it just make you yearn for summer time?

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melissa h. said...

Hey sarah - i'm not sure if you remember me - but i worked at TM when you were an intern. Somehow years ago i came across your blog and have always be fanciated by your work. First, congratulations on the pregnancy! I too am due in Oct. 10 days ago my life changed when they found baby girl was trying to come out wayyyyy to early. I have been sentanced to bed rest in the hospital for the rest of the pregnancy. Its surely not how i imagined the 5,6,7,8th months of pregnancy, but i will do what i have to to give this girl a chance at life. Its always been a life long dream of mine to quilt - and i figure now may just be the best time to start! Do you hand quilt or just machine quilt? Do you mind if i ask you a few questions on getting started? Thanks sarah! my email is Melissa.hinnant at yahoo if you want to respond!

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