Saturday, September 26, 2009

Around the House Saturdays

Fall is here and my autumn decor is all around the house.This is a picture of me and my Dad when I was two years old. While growing up, it was always a tradition for the two of us to carve pumpkins together. That front porch that we're on is the same porch where me and Hubby were married.We all know that Martha Stewart is the Queen of Halloween. I love putting out all of my back issues of seasonal magazines because the covers add to the decor.
We also have candles with pumpkin fragrances all over the house and it just smells amazing. Mmmm...the fragrance and beauty of Fall.I was excited to hang up my Fall Wreath that I made last year. Again, I can thank the lovely Martha Stewart for this fun do-it-yourself craft project.

Hope this seasonal decor gives you some ideas for your own home. I'd love to know what kinds of things you put out for this colorful season. What's your favorite thing about Fall?


Kristin said...

favorite thing? that would have to be the colors...and the weather. just beautiful for photos.

love your decorations!

Christy said...

Your fall decor is so cozy and beautiful!lest

Anonymous said...

I put that picture up too!!! I can smell the candles!!!!!!
Your home is so cozy!!!!:)
Love, Mumma:)

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