Friday, October 17, 2008


This Fall Season and upcoming Christmas season has kept me so busy in my delightful little studio. I'm currently working on three different projects and have two on the waiting list that I'm planning on starting in the next 2 weeks. I also just purchased Martha Stewart's Holiday Special Issue filled with 151 different homemade crafts for Christmas! I am on craft overload! AND...I picked up the recent Better Homes & Gardens "Do It Yourself" magazine. I highly recommend this magazine to anyone who loves doing fun and easy project around their home.

Here are some photos of my current projects...

My Fall Quilt

I'm following the swirly pattern on the main block of fabric as my quilting pattern. I'm using some beautiful burnt orange thread that shows up nicely on the backing.

A fun Fall Foliage Wreath from the Martha Stewart Living November issue. It's a wreath made of paper leaves, so it will last for many seasons to come!

This is what it will look like when it's complete...

And here is my Christmas table runner. It was quite a pain to work with [I've never worked with such tiny pieces before so I had to get a handle on piecing them together] but I think it's turning out to be really beautiful. It's going to be a nice elegant touch to my Christmas decor this year.

So yeah...I'm definitely a busy little bee, but I'm not complaining. It's just wonderful! I hope everyone has fun weekend plans and gets some time to enjoy these brisk Fall days that are gracing us all.


laura t said...

I can try to help you with the website.
Do you know HTML coding at all? I wrote all the code for mine, or pulled it off of websites.
I can give you a call early next week and talk to you about it.
When are you free? I have no job yet, so Im pretty much free all the time. haha.

one preparing the way said...

Just saw your blog...I love the quilts...they are beautiful! Makes me wanna sew! Hope you guys are doing well!!

mandy said...

Hey where did yo get the mags?

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