Saturday, September 12, 2009

Around the House Saturdays

I've been very inspired by SouleMama lately. It seems that each of her posts includes some type of family activity where their homemade picnic/beach blanket is used. Because of this inspiration, I decided to make one for our family. Even though it's just the two of us right now, we hope to one day have children, and the idea of experiencing outdoor activities with such a comfy picnic blanket just makes me giddy. AND I think having it will encourage us to spend even more time outdoors, especially since the weather is cooling off.I used all vintage linens for this blanket. The top is pieced with the beautiful fat quarters that I won from Jane's Apron.
The quilting was loosely done with embroidery thread knotted at the seams of the pieces. I wanted to keep it loose so it would maintain it's fluffy-ness.
And for the backing and binding, I used a vintage sheet that I bought for $3 from Good Will. I decided to be really simple with it and just wrap the backing up around the top for the binding and I just machine-stiched the binding to save on time. Michelle over at Cicada Daydream inspired me to go about doing the quilt this way. It made for a really simple weekend project.


mandy said...

Very cute! Do you have a pattern for it?

Amy said...

So very cute! I am inspired by soulemama too. I just ordered her new book, it has some amazing projects in it.

I have kept thinking I want to make a simple quilt out of some of my vintage linens, now I want to even more :)

amandajean said...

i do love this quilt. i have some vintage sheets that i was about to eject from my stash just today. maybe i should do this instead. :)

Beata said...

I love it! looks like a family heirloom already -- I love the ties...pretty simplicity... Many happy picnics on it!!

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