Friday, September 4, 2009

Bonkers for Buttermilk

Last weekend the Hubby bought some buttermilk as an addition to his Southern Fried Chicken recipe. And since he didn't need the entire half-gallon for the meal, we've been doing everything possible with buttermilk all week.

First, was the Sunday Night Fried Chicken...
Then we had Belgium Waffles for dinner on Wednesday. Unfortunately, we gobbled those up before I could get my hands on the camera. So if you want to see something like what we had, you can check out this post.

Now this morning takes the cake...or is that "takes the biscuit...?"
I found a very easy recipe for made-from-scratch buttermilk biscuits and went to town...I mean the kitchen. (I apologize for this post being riddled with cliches. I just can't help myself).While I was making them, the Hubby was down in the garage working on the shelves that he is making for our dining room. It was like being in Little House on the Prairie. I was baking from scratch, while he was doing carpentry work. Now if only I could go skipping around in a field of flowers...Now when it came to these biscuits, we didn't just put a little butter on them and call it a day. Oh no sir-ee. We fixed 'em in every way imaginable (except biscuits and gravy b/c we didn't have sausage gravy).
Starting from the left and going clock-wise:
One biscuit smothered in apple butter.
Two biscuits loaded with sausage patties and fried eggs.
One biscuit kissed with honey and butter.
One biscuit jammed with grape jelly.

Can you say home-style cookin? Mmm...mmmm.mmm!

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Kristin said...

mmmmm i love food shots! cuisine art is so scrumptious it just makes me so hungry :) i like this post a lot a lot.

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