Monday, June 22, 2009

Yard Salin'

While the family was in town we didn't hold back on having fun. One of the first things we did...bright & early...was go yard saling. Oh the goodies that we found. My Hubby bought a DeWalt Compound Double-beveled Miter Saw with a stand for $100. Had he bought it brand new it would have cost around $ I'd have to say, that's quite a steal...even though I have no clue what all of that "Compound Double-this-that-and-the-other" stuff is about. I just know it was a good deal. I also found an incredible 1940s suitcase for only $2, among other good deals that just look terrific in our home. One thing that really fascinated me was this great 1970s bicycle that I could resist photographing.

One house had like 15 different gumball machines for sale. I thought this one was particularly lovely. It was on a floor stand and everything. So intricate.

Look at this cute little kitten that we saw while walking around. Just so cute.

And here's the A-mazing suitcase that I bought. It is now serving as a storage device for some of my fabric stash.


Dana said...

Love the pics. Love the new camera. Love the flowers you got for graduation!


Kristin said...

absolutely love these! The one with my feet is cool too;)

amylouwho said...

love the pics with the new camera!

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