Tuesday, June 2, 2009

First One of the Season

Here it is folks. The first Early Girl tomato of the season here at the Pead Home. It's not a very large one. In fact I could toss it in my mouth like a cherry tomato, but hey, even runts need lovin'. I feel like a proud mother who has raised a successful, healthy child. I am absolutely ridiculous. *Note to self: Get head checked for over-enthusiasm about a tomato.


Stacy said...

Lovely! You have good reason to be a proud garden mama! ;)

amylouwho said...

one can never be too enthusiastic about a home-grown tomato!!

I just planted an heirloom tomato - it's yellow with orange stripes - I hope it takes!

Eren said...

He, he...I SO get your excitement. Hey if I can get excited about green blackberries and baby spiders, you are completly entitled to your tomato love. So, how ya' gonna' eat em?

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