Saturday, June 27, 2009

Around the House Saturdays - Yard Sale Edition

The Hubby and I have proclaimed this "the Year of the Yard Sale." It's unbelievable the amazing treasures we have purchased this summer. Each time we got yard salin' we take $20 with us - no more, no less. It's the perfect amount to search for deals and get some good ones. Well today was definitely a good one. Probably not as good as the one two weeks ago when the Hubby got his miter saw for that amazing steal, but nonetheless, this was a GOOD one. And it all revolves around this green chair.
Yes. This avocado beauty was just a-callin' my name...and for only $5 it had to be mine. BUT there was a dilemma. Where would we put it? That, my friends, was the challenging question. Where in our lovely abode could we put this amazing piece of decor? Storing it was not an option and with the ever-growing furniture in my studio, it wouldn't work in there. So with sad looks on our faces and heavy hearts, we decided there was no place for it. Fortunately we didn't make it very far from this family's yard because this chair had us in its trance. At the moment of defeat, my Hubby looked at me and said, "I'm putting the ball in your court. If they'll take $4 for it, it's ours. BUT I'll only store it in the garage for up to one week. If you can't find a place for it, we're finding it a new home." So with a happy and hopeful heart, I went up to the sellers and said, "Will ya take $4 for it?" And sure enough, they did!
Getting it into the car was quite an adventure. But we got it in, nonetheless. Above is the face of a Hubby who's thinking, "The things I do for my wife." Well, later this afternoon, the Hubby and my Lil' Bro headed off to the race track for some "guy time" and I got to work at finding a place for the chair. Oh did I ever. It took some moving around of things, but nothing that couldn't find a new home. So here ya have it:
It sits perfectly in the "dining room" area beside the buffet and it looks stunning! The Hubby is on his way home right now, so I can't wait to see his reaction.
So there ya have it, folks. A new piece of beautiful, functional furniture for less than $5. Now that's a deal!


amylouwho said...
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amylouwho said...

i ♥ that chair!!! I'm glad you got it, I think it's one of those things that would have bugged you had you not.

Anonymous said...

It's great!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Mumma:)

Stacy said...

Great find! :)

amandajean said...

i LOVE your chair! what a great deal!!!!

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