Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mrs. Curl's

There is a wonderful place in our town of Greenwood called Mrs. Curl's and it's finger-linkin' good. It's probably one of the best places to have ice cream and fun summer time atmosphere all at the same time. After graduation, a couple weeks ago, the whole fam headed over to enjoy some yummy treats and good hang out time.

Places like this just bring out the lovin'.

My cute parents - still in love and loving life. Don't they look like a couple of teen-agers flirting with each other? I just love it!


Amy said...

I just love places like that!

Anonymous said...

Still flirting after almost 29 married years and 7 dating years! He is cute!!!!
Love, Mumma;):):):)

amandajean said...

how fun! i love your photos.

dana said...

Your pictures make me feel like everything in life is fine. It takes me to a happy time and place. Beautiful stuff. You are quite talented!

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