Friday, January 29, 2010

Some Friday Fun

I love Polariod photos and I especially love iPhone Apps that create Polaroid photos. I've been so inspired by a few blogging friends and their fabulous Polaroid posts as of late that I thought it fitting to post some of my Polaroids. So to fill your Friday with excitement and a little bit of randomness, here are a few Polaroids I've taken over the past month.

This set was taken with the ShakeItPhoto App.
And this set was taken with the Polarize App.
Hope your Friday treats you well and your weekend is even better!


rosie/ the fabric shopper said...

FUN! I think I need to add some new apps. Way behind the creative curve :-)

lindsey Joy said...

SO FUN!!!! you know I LOVE Polaroid's!!! it's such a cute glimpse into your life :)

davidkmercier said...

So so FUN! (sorry, I had to keep this going!)

Did you really see a chicken limo? awesome.

I've got a real polaroid camera if you ever want to barrow it!

Anonymous said...

very cool. I need to get that app

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