Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Little Magic

So this is a completely random post, but I thought I'd just share a fun little sewing sidekick that I recently befriended. Blog world, meet Magic Sizing.
Now, I've never used starch in my life when ironing anything, but when I began piecing this quilt, Cami suggested that I use starch like nobody's business if I wanted to make life easier for my long-arm quilter. And so, the relationship began. I honestly can't imagine pressing a single seam anymore without this beautiful blue can by my side. It's so bad, my Hubby knows that when I put starch on the grocery list that it means I need at least two cans in order to maintain a sense of stability and harmony in my studio. It's not like I go through it that quickly, it's just that I get a bit panicky when the can feels any less than full. And at 98 cents a pop, why wouldn't I just stock up?

What are some of your favorite sewing/quilting must-haves?


Anna said...

oh, great tip! I've been meaning to pick some up.

Amber said...

huh - I never used it but now you've made me curious..I'll have to pick some up and check it out.

Eren San Pedro said...

I love my heavy starch too...and my 12 x 12 quilting square.

alice said...

Strangely I found your random post by randomly looking a new blogs. I had a great time looking at all your photos while I was here. What a sweet baby. And I also buy two cans of starch at a time. You should never have to run out-Ever!!

オテモヤン said...
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