Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'm learning... knit.

Last Saturday, I ventured over to Clementine's for a knitting lesson from the fabulous Cami. I'm learning to make this scarf. As you see it here, that's where it stands because...well...I messed up on it and don't know how to fix it and so I'm stuck.
I'm super enthusiastic about learning how to get this and being the determined person I am, it kills me that I have a ball of yarn and knitting needles just sitting in a tote waiting to be fixed. But alas, here I am. Stuck. I even have two fabulous knitting books, but since I'm so brand spanking new at this I don't really understand the terminology quite yet or even the illustrations.
What I really need is my Nanny (my Grandma) sitting beside me showing me how to do it. She is definitely the Knitting Queen and knows her stuff, but sadly she lives 700 miles away in Virginia, which is not exactly a hop, skip and a jump from Indiana.
But do not fear my dear friends, I will NOT give up. Oh no siree. This chick will learn to knit and she will get it. Before you know it, I'll be knitting scarves and hats. And who knows, I might even knit a sweater! That's right...I said it...a sweater!

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amylouwho said...

I can knit, as in knit, not purl and heaven forbid I try to read a pattern. I would like to knit a sweater one day - but I need someone around all the time who knows how. I'm impressed! Can't wait to see it when it's finished!

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