Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Under the Christmas Tree

Since Dustin and I are traveling out of town for Christmas, we decided to exchange presents this past Saturday. All I have to say is my Hubby sure knows how to spoil me.

First of all, he was very clever with the stocking stuffers he gave me this year. Five of them were hidden randomly throughout the house and I had to figure out the riddles that he provided in my stocking. I felt like a little kid as I searched for each present.

A fabulous bundle of Gutermann thread. *Sigh*
This one made me jump and giggle for joy - it's a fat quarter bundle of Heather Bailey's Nicey Jane.
Some more fat quarters for my stash...
A fabric sleeve for my coffee from Starbucks that was made by this talented friend of mine.
She also made this everything you see here. This little bundle of goodness was like receiving candy. Oh so sweet!

This is a scarf-knitting kit from Clementine's. Cami has been selling these kits like hotcakes, and even though I've never knitted a thing in my life, I'm determined to learn how to make this gorgeous scarf.
I also got these fabulous books to add to my ever-growing sewing (and now knitting) library.
What a happy Christmas so far.

1 comment:

Dana said...

GREAT loot!!! You lucky, lucky girl!

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