Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Playdate with Kate

My dear friend Kate and I had a fun sewing lesson yesterday. She too, has fallen in love with all of the bright and beautiful fabric lines that are out there and wants to get into sewing. So her first project was a throw pillow for her bed. Of course, we went down to Clementine's to pick out the fabric. I'm convinced Cami has the gift of creating an atmosphere that makes people just fall in love with beautiful fabric. Here are some fun photos of the lesson in progress...

Kate chose one of Amy Butler's Nigella prints, which is hilarious because I just made a throw pillow with the same stuff. Amy, apparently this stuff has a sign on it that says, "Make me a throw pillow, please!"

It was a delightful morning filled with chatting, drinking Starbucks, and googling over the most beautiful fabric in the world.

Oh...One last thing that I forgot to share...I got a job!! It's a 3 month internship at Willow Marketing. Once the internship is over, I will have an evaluation, which could lead to another internship opportunity or the possibility of a full-time job. I am soo stinking excited!!!! (Hence the large amount of exclamation points).

And to celebrate, my amazingly wonderful Hubby bought me a gift from Anthropologie and Papyrus. AND he took me out to dinner at my favorite restaurant, Stir Crazy. He's just so good to me.

What better day could you ask for?


Dana said...

Congratulations on your job!! It will be ONLY the first step in many amazing opportunities I'm sure!

Can I come to Clementine's with you?

Kellie said...

sounds like a super fun day! see? you're so inspiring! love ya girl!

Christy said...

I love the end result! It's gorgeous!

Sarah said...

There is nothing like sewing with friends! I love the things you guys made!

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

Sounds like a great day! Congratulations on your new job :)

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