Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'm a Little Teapot

My In-Laws got me a tea kettle for my birthday. Oh how excited I was. Now I can easily boil water and poor it into my tea infuser. And my Hubby bought me some fresh loose leaf Earl Grey tea from Teavana, so I am in tea heaven.

I also made another visit to Clemetine's and she got some new fabric in that I just had to have.

Check out the cute teapots, silverware and happy kitchen fabric? Can you say ADORABLE? I'm thinking about making an apron with it and getting some more of the blue silverware stuff to make napkins. Believe it or not, the Hubby was super-excited about that print and said, "You need to get some more of that so we can have some fun napkins." He's so great! AND he gave me permission to get more fabric.

The bottom three fabrics in the stack are Amy Butler and Tula Pink. Cami was having a huge 75% off sale on her Tula Pink stuff b/c she's getting in some new fabric soon and she's trying to get rid of the old. So if you live on the South side of Indy, get yourself down to Clemetine's and help Cami get the stuff out of her shop. It's an incredible deal!


Christy said...

Pretty teapot and fabrics!

Anonymous said...

Makes me wish i did live in Indy. I love the teapot fabric!!! I start sewing lessons on Thursday and am planning on making sets of dinner napkins for myself and for gifts. It seems like a nice beginning project. Do you have a good source for a pattern?

Kellie said...

love that gray fabric on the top of your stack!! too cute!

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

Love your new additions! napkins are fun :)

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