Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Makes Me Happy

Just got the March issue of the Anthropologie catalog.


They just know how to create beautiful products. I love their clothes, their home decor, and even the way they design their catalog. Check it out here and melt over the beauty.


Artfulife said...

Their bedding has always been some of my favorite. I agree, they are an amazing company.

Amber said...

I know - I drool every time I get a new catalog...Thank goodness they do not have one here!!

Your trip looks so fun...love the pictures! Gorgeous!

Jackie said...

I've never looked through one of their catalogs. Love the nightstand/endtable!

Alicia said...

I hear you! I just posted about my obsession with that store!!


Sarah said...

I get weak in the knees when I pass by an Anthropologie. There is one that is within walking distance from my house...sometimes I just go in there and dream!

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