Sunday, November 16, 2008

Christmas Tradition

When I was growing up, my family had a Christmas tradition. Every year we would each pick out a Hallmark ornament for the tree. Well, when you get married, you carry those fun traditions with you. So for our first Christmas and our second Christmas, Dustin and I were able to find a Hallmark ornament for each of us. We also started a new tradition, which involved us buying an ornament from Macy's. That tradition started because we lived in Chicago during our first year of marriage and it seemed like I visited the Christmas section of Macy's every week during that Christmas season. This year, we were sad that we couldn't find a Hallmark ornament that really fit us, so we decided to get our ornaments from Macy's only. This proved to be such a fun and magical time last night during our date. Here are the goodies that we found.

Dustin found a really neat "vintage-looking" Santa ornament. While we were searching, we realized that we didn't have a single Santa Claus ornament for our tree and this one would make a great addition to the tree.

The one I chose was actually found by Dustin. He saw it hanging in a tree and thought it fit me perfectly. I completely agree. It has such a fun and playful look to it. We can't wait to put up the tree after Thanksgiving so we can hang these beautiful treasures!


Stacy said...

Oh! I L.O.V.E. the vintage one!

Kellie said...

how sweet....and sweeter yet, the thought of you two Christmas ornament shopping together! Hey- you need to visit
the blog is full of sweet things, and she is doing a print giveaway every week for 100 weeks! i think you'll like her sweeties in her artwork! have a great day!

laura t said...

i do miss Chicago at Christmas time, minus the freezing cold weather. haha.

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