Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Christmas Records & Cats in Cardboard Boxes

One of the many Christmas traditions that I remember while growing up was listening to Christmas records on my parent's record player. My brother and I would listen to Disney's Merry Christmas Carol's and Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers' Once Upon a Christmas while decorating the Christmas tree.

Soon after Dustin and I were married, we began collecting different vinyl records from different record stores and used book stores in hopes that we would some day have a record player of our own. Well about a year ago, we were given a record player from my Father-in-law. And since it's that festive time of year, I've begun playing the Christmas LP's that we have in our collection. I haven't come across the Disney one or the Dolly Parton and Kenny Roger's one at any of the stores we've searched, but I do have some great compilations of classic Christmas songs.

There's nothing better than listening to that crackly, raw sound of an LP. I just love it!

In other news...I hosted a Pampered Chef party a couple of weeks ago and all of the orders came in yesterday...which meant a lot of large boxes all over our apartment. But, what seems like a mess to us, is a cardboard heaven for our cat.

He has firmly planted himself in one of these boxes. It's his little get-away from the dog and whatever weird things us humans are doing around the house. I think he's kind of mad at us because we have temporarily removed the dining room table to make room for the Christmas tree and his hide-away was located under the table.

I don't know what he's going to do when I get rid of all of these boxes. I have a feeling he's going to get back at me by hanging out under the Christmas tree or something crazy like that. (Every cat owner's worst nightmare!)


one preparing the way said...

Just saw that you were lloking for the Disney christmas album...heres a link to one on ebay, if you use e-bay!

Merry Christmas!

one preparing the way said...

Heres one that is "buy it now" for 1.99...Hope its what you were looking for!

one preparing the way said...

Heres the Dolly Parton/Kenny Rogers one...Records are some much better for the christmassy feeling than cd's!!

Marshall Family said...

I love old records. Those are some of my most favorite childhood memories as well. Every Christmas Eve at my Nana's we would listen to Alvin and the Chipmunks and Mitch Miller. I need to see if my mom still has those records! :)

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