Monday, September 15, 2008

There's No Place Like Home - Part 3

So, the whole point of us going to Virginia to visit family was so Dustin could take his dad to the NASCAR race. Well, since Tropical Storm Hanna had other plans for the East Coast, we ended up staying an extra day. Saturday was filled with rain, rain, and more rain. And what do you do in the Williamson household when it's raining outside? You play "Warry!" (or "Mancala" as some people call it). It's a very simple game that involves strategy, paying attention, and "using your marbles." The main goal is to move all of your marbles into your opponents slots, leaving your side of the board clear. Now, I haven't played this game in at least 2 1/2 years, so I'm definitely rusty at it. And my dad (who never loses, mind you) thought he could easily defeat me...well...

little did he know...

But hidden in that blond head of mine, was some hidden strategy and smarts! And ya know what? I didn't just beat him once...nope...I came back and beat him a second time! Who's the Strategy Dad?!


After my victory dance and my Dad's walk of shame, my mom and I headed to the Quilter's Corner to look at their assortment of Amy Butler and Moda fabrics.

We found a beautiful fat quarter package of Amy's Midwest Modern collection as well as some beautiful black, white, and yellow fat quarters (I forgot to look at the designer) for my Nanny (my grandmother).

I also found some fabrics that I'm going to use for two different seasonal lap quilts. Now I'm not really big into typical Fall and Christmas fabrics, so I was very excited to find some that really fit my style.

These Moda fabrics (above), called "Pumpkins Gone Wild" by Sandy Gervais, are absolutely beautiful. They are filled with autumn-rich colors and even some pieces with "hand-drawn" looking pumpkins. This package came with 44 squares, so I'm really excited about what I can do with it. I'm thinking about using the larger piece, "Fresh Air" by Chez Moi, as a larger center piece and framing it with the squares.

The Christmas prints I found are "so elegant", as my mom and Nanny put it. The red is called "Holiday Flourish" by Robert Kaufman. It has a delightful gold shimmer to it, which just makes the fabric glow. I'm not sure who the white on white pieces are designed by, but I love how subtle they are. One piece has stars on it and the other has snowflakes on it. This quilt is going to be very simple. The whites will serve as the front and back and the red will be the binding. I'm going to then quilt it using some beautiful Finca silk No. 12 thread. It's going to give the quilt such a punch, but still have a certain elegance to it.

Oh goodness! Just typing all of this makes me want to stop everything and start sewing! But alas...I have homework to do...thank goodness that my Fall break is coming up in 2 weeks!


Stacy said...

Those are some lovely fall fabrics!

Amylouwho said...

Looks like you had a fun visit home! I live up in Stafford and there aren't any good fabric stores around here. I'm going to go to Richmond and check that place out!

Kellie said...

Hey girl! I don't have much done on my blog, but I thought I'd say hi anyway! Can't wait to get together soon to 'plan'!!! Bursting at the seams to get going. Helped Ellie make a cute bag today...went to a cute little quilt shop in Beech Grove. Hope you are having a good finals week.

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