Sunday, September 28, 2008

Harvest Murderer

I know what you're thinking...
What an adorable face! Who could resist a face like that?

Well I can tell you that that face was not one I wanted to see when I came home today. You can ask anyone that I know, that I love decorating for Fall around my home. Well it seems that Jalen, our dog, is ANTI-Fall decor! Allow me to share the story with you...

This morning, when we left for church, we forgot to put Jalen [our beloved pup] into his kennel, trusting that he wouldn't get into any trouble. We didn't think it would be such a bad thing. [He's usually a good boy when we leave him out, especially if he goes potty right before we leave]. Upon returning home, we were greeted with big doggy smiles and slobbers. "Oh mommy! I'm so happy you're home! I didn't have any potty accidents!" As I entered the living room, I saw a small bit of something that had been chewed up. As I got closer, I noticed that there were little bits of orange and Styrofoam scattered about. I knew what it was right away. I looked at the yellow bowl that was sitting on the hearth by the fire place that held three corn husk and Styrofoam pumpkins, only to find it completely empty...not a single pumpkin was there. At this point, I was hot! The only thing we couldn't figure out was where all of the pieces had disappeared to.

Had Jalen really eaten every bit of those pumpkins?

As my husband entered our bedroom [where Jalen's pillow was located] I heard him say, "Oh my!" He walked out shaking his head and at that moment, I knew what was up. I arrived to see a dog pillow covered in the remnants of my precious pumpkins! It was everywhere!

Needless to say, the dog and I are not on speaking terms right now. I have a feeling that he's going to be pooping orange for quite some time!


Stacy said...

Aw! Poor puppy - the things they get into!

Momma Val said...

OMG! Sorry, I can only sympathize but when it's not you and it has BEEN you guess you just got to laugh. Forgive me. My dog is going to turn 5 in November. He is pretty good now but has chewed and partially eaten pens, pencils, the eyes out of my sons stuffed animals?, bras, a glass beaded coaster . . . .ouch, a sheet, gorgeous fall garland from a cutesy art shop in Galena, his own poop and puke, half a pork roast, a leather glove, approximately 30 chocolate chip cookies (fresh baked by my husband as a surprise for me when he turned around to grab another batch of them from the oven), shall I go on? He's much better now. . . . . usually. How old is your dog?

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