Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Art Fair & Fun Fall Cards

This past Saturday, Dustin and I went to the Fountain Square Art Fair. There were different booths set up of artists selling their work, as well as different artists set up on the sidewalks painting, drawing, building, etc. Each work was different, and it was so neat to see the streets of Fountain Square become the "studios" of these artists. I found one artist named Sally Harless, whose delightful illustrations had a childlike character to them.

You can purchase her work at her Etsy Shop.

While strolling along, we discovered a delightful antique store. At first, a vintage suitcase caught my eye, but as we looked deeper, I found these delightful vintage glasses that I just had to have.

Aren't they just fabulous? They have a delightful hand-painted quality to them and I just love them! And the best part is, is that I got all four of them for only $5! How great is that!

After we left the Art Fair, we headed back towards home, only to get sidetracked by icecream and a little bit of shopping. I went into Archiver's, one of my favorite paper/scrap-booking stores (that I can only go into once a year, or I have way too much fun ($$$). While I was there, I found some delightful papers for my fun Fall cards that I've been wanting to make. So the rest of my Saturday evening was spent on the living room floor with paper spread out everywhere and these lovelies to show for it...

I'm excited to send them out to my family and friends in hopes that they enjoy this delightful season of changing leaves, hot cider, and pumpkins!


Corrin said...

I didn't realize you were from Indy! I lived downtown for three years and I miss it like you wouldn't believe.

laura t said...

those glasses are wonderful.
and your quilts look beautiful. you are making me want to learn to sew. haha.
miss you friend.

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