Saturday, February 21, 2009

Just Keep Going and Going and...

Yesterday never seemed to stop.
The Hubby & I had quite a busy day yesterday. To start things off, I fixed a yummy breakfast that would give us the energy (and cholesterol) that we needed to sustain us.

Then we drove 200 miles round trip to a funeral. Once we got back, we had enough time to take the dog out, breathe for a second, load the car up with the camera, and head to a wedding that I was photographing. (It's the second time in less than a year that we have had a funeral and wedding in the same day). Two celebrations of life that are on completely different ends of the spectrum.

It was exciting to shoot the wedding. It was my first photo gig at a wedding, so I was kinda nervous, but I think I got some pretty good shots. I'll be spending my afternoon going through all 300 photographs to see how everything came out. It was a candlelit service, so we'll see!

So yeah...quite a draining day...physically and emotionally...but the weekend is here, which means relaxation, right?

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