Monday, February 23, 2009


My Hubby and I are book-aholics. We buy them and buy them and buy them. And being the graphic designer that I am, I am very drawn to beautifully design books...especially craft and sewing books. So I decided I would post my book wish list...for two reasons.

  1. So that fellow bloggers can see the amazing books that are out there to fulfill their sewing and crafting needs and...
  2. So friends and family can see what kinds of books I'm looking for right now. Tehehe! Well, my Birthday is coming up in April. You can't be too prepared!
So in no particular order, I give you My Booklist:


amylouwho said...

Thanks for sharing! I didn't know there were so many cool sewing books out there. That french one looks awesome! Have you heard of the Paris Apartment? That's a cool decorating book too.

N. said...

I've looked through and wanted to purchase many of those books. I own Last Minute Patchwork gifs and have made two of the projects so far. I actually keep a wish list on Amazon for family and friends so they always have ideas for gifts.

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