Sunday, August 10, 2008

[Sum-Sum-Summer Time]

We have had some beautiful summer days these past couple of days.
Sweet breezes that blow the scent of fresh flowers and fired up grills through out windows.

This weather has inspired me to take pictures of my "garden" out on my patio.

Being on the second floor of our apartment complex, I can't exactly have a "real" flower garden, so I've created a garden with fun pots, buckets, window boxes, and hanging baskets. I can see them through my office window and through the sliding glass doors in the living room. They just make me smile.

I love going outside to water and prune them. And every time I snip away the dead blooms, I'm reminded of how God says that He must prune the vine in order for good fruit to bloom in our lives. I have to prune the dead blooms in order for beautiful flowers to grow.

The other day, Dustin fixed me a wonderful dinner on the grill...A Barbecue chicken sandwich on a wheat bun with broccoli, baked potato, and home-grown cherry tomatoes from my friend Stacy's garden. Doesn't it just look like a perfect summer meal?

And here is a sneak peek of my quilt. I sewed all 18 rows together last night and am going to begin quilting it today. I'm so excited!

I hope these beautiful summer days last forever.

[P.S. I've updated the Revel Design blog with some new work]


Anonymous said...

Can Dustin come cook for me? Yummy! Look wonderful!

Love it when God reminds us in the small things to see His hand at work in our hearts.

adalex72 said...

I have just come across your blog by chance really, and have really enjoyed it. You have given me a lot of inspiration with your gardening and sewing. I have two small children and seem to have lost my way with the 'beautiful things'. I need to get back in touch and create more beauty around me. Thank you for inspiring me.

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