Saturday, August 23, 2008

[Clementine's Dry Goods]

Made a visit to Clementine's today.
Found some lovely fat quarters that I'm thinking about using for a table runner in my dining room.

My mother-in-law joined me on my little adventure and bought me this fun little bundle. It just might be used for a baby blanket when the time comes for me and Dustin to start having babies!

We also made our way over to A Certain Charm: Antiques & Curios. They had loads and loads of fun linens. The white one seen in the photos above was only 50 cents! And this fun towel was $3.00. It's bright and colorful, which fits the color scheme I have going on in my kitchen.

I'm still cracking away on my Brickpath quilt. Here it is in my project basket...

It's coming along nicely...I'm hoping to have it finished by October...but we'll see!


Anonymous said...

Hang on to the baby fabric. There is a fun and easy way to make burp cloths with diapers, fabric and some ribbon. They are adorable and make great gifts, too. I think I have the blog link if you are ever interested. Oh shoot, I lost all of my favorites when I got my new computer, but I'm sure I could find it somewhere.

adalex72 said...

I wish I had such a nice fabric shop near to me, there is nothing here. The quilt looks like it will be gorgeou, I cannot wait to see it.

Dana said...

Your so lucky to have a fabulous fabric shop near you. I have to order everything online. Can't wait to see your quilt.

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