Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Today we are 36 weeks along in our pregnancy.
Today we attend our last child-birthing course.
Today we begin the very real countdown (only 28 days til the due date) of the birth of our son.
Today I'm anticipating the excitement of motherhood.
Today I'm thankful for the blessing of this Little Man that we call Ethan.
Today...is a good day.

Tomorrow I will have a Baby Bump photo update for you all. This basketball has definitely changed into a watermelon that seems to be pointing down a bit more. Perhaps that's a sign that our Little Man will be here before the due date!


Victoria said...

I'm so super excited for you two!! I can't believe it's so close! I'm sure you guys are just as anxious to see your little man and see who he looks like and change diapers (which isn't all that fun believe me lol) and being able to teach him the wonderful things in life. Savor every moment... Love ya guys! Tori

Lauren, but you can call me Ren. said...

Wow Sarah, I didn't know your were pregnant! That's exciting.

Being a mom is a wonderful, chaotic, messy, adventure! I hope you have a beautiful labor, and can't wait to see pictures of your new little one.

Let me know if you have any questions. I had a fantastic labor with both of my kids, so if you need some encouragment I can give it to you. (I don't know about you, but when I was pregnant all anyone ever told me was horror labor stories!)

Anyways, I'm rambling. Love your blog!

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