Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sewing Notions

Over the summer, the Hubby and I went to many a yard sale and one of the main things I kept my eye out for were sewing notions, especially vintage notions...ya know, wooden spools of thread and such. Thankfully, I found sewing notions, fabric, buttons, and ribbons at every sale we went to. And here is one of my favorites. It's a fabulous box with lovely little drawers filled with treasure. These kinds of things just make me happy.
I want to do something fun and crafty with this old tape measure. Anyone have any ideas or seen anything out there in blog world that I could check out?


tara said...

I too have been holding on to old measuring tapes. If you find a great project for them let me know.

Jeri said...

Hello Sarah, I found you thru and she shows a cute and usefull idea to use the tape measure along the hem of an apron; you can find it thru her blog~ In the search box type craft apron giveaway and follow the links.

mommymae said...

bracelets! i have one that broke & i want to make a set of snap bracelet with it!

carly k said...

I love vintage threads and, well, just about anything vintage that is sewing related. I am happy for you and your treasure hunting finds:)

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