Monday, February 20, 2012

A Fresh Weekend

We've had a pretty busy last couple of weeks and this weekend we finally got a chance to breathe. It was so nice to spend time together around the house while doing what we love. There was much baking, playing, crafting and cuddling. And the weather was actually decent enough for a brisk walk outside. (A much needed event for those of us with cabin fever).
This book and these ovenmits were my kitchen companions this weekend.

Making maple syrup apple sauce.

My little taste tester.

These banana raisin muffins were definitely Little Man approved.

There were even fun moments of learning while cooking. This is a super easy recipe for homemade fruit snacks without all of the sugar. (They actually taste just like gummy bears).

And of course there was much play in between the cooking.
As well as time for softness and rest...

And working on projects around the house.

I hope your weekend was filled with many blessings of productivity, rest and family time.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

we got sawyer that moose for christmas and he loves it! so cool...

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