Tuesday, November 15, 2011

On Playtime and Other Wonderful Toddler Moments

Our boy sure does love to play. I absolutely adore this new season of parenthood we're experiencing. Watching our Little Man learn while playing is truly the best blessing any Momma could ask for. A few months back(when all of a sudden he transitioned from being happy and content on a play blanket to wanting to explore the world and actually pick out his own toys in his toy basket) I decided he needed his very own play corner in our living room. Why should Mommy and Daddy have all the space?

So he now has his own space and it is fabulous. He also received his own "little kitchen" from his Grandiddy so that he can have a place to play in the "big kitchen" instead of getting into the "big" drawers and cabinets (because let's face it, baby locks still leave room for smashed fingers).

I think my favorite part about watching our Little Man play are the moments when he doesn't realize he has his Momma's or Daddy's eyes on him and he's having the most animated "conversation" whilst playing. Such pure bliss.

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