Saturday, January 1, 2011

Oh What a Year

Gracious. What does it take for me to actually get a blog post posted when I would really like it posted. I started writing this 3 days ago and had every intention of posting it yesterday, but alas here I am, finishing it up tonight...


Oh dear friends, what a year 2010 has been. I feel as if I've grown up over and over again this year. The Hubby and I have encountered so many new challenges and blessings this year that really have given us a good "it's time to grow up now" kick in the tush. And you know what's crazy? It literally started last January.

January: We decided we were ready to buy a house. Ok. So we started looking. And to our surprise we found the perfect house for our little family of two adults, two dogs and a cat. (Little did we know that our household number would be changing soon).

February: I started having heartburn and was tired all the time. Hmm...

March: On the first day of the month to be exact, all signs (and pregnancy tests) pointed to a baby on the way!

April: We made an offer on our house and after a few back-and-forths between us and the sellers, it was ours for the takin' (well, I should say purchasing). I also turned 25 years old - a quarter of a century!

May: The craziness of packing up our stuff and moving out of the our apartment began and we shared our Little One's heartbeat with the world.

June: We signed the papers on our house and were given the keys. Let the moving begin! On June 11th, we found out we were going to welcome a Little Man into our lives.

July: My wonderful brother visited for about a week and half, making for some really great bro & sis time.

August: We finally traded in the Mazda after putting 150,000+ miles on the thing. Now we are the proud owners of a Saturn Vue. The perfect vehicle for new parents.

September: At 32 weeks along in the pregnancy, we were able to see amazing images of our Little Man with a 3D/4D ultrasound. It was there that we discovered that he had Mommy's nose and dimples and Daddy's cheeks.

October: After 11 hours of labor, our Little Man Ethan Glenwood, entered the world on October 18th at 6:04pm. Our lives were never going to be the same again.

November: We're hittin' the road. With Little Man in tow, we made our first voyage home to Virginia for Thanksgiving for the first time since we've been together - that's 5 years people!

December: We enjoyed our first Christmas as a family of three and for the first time actually had Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in our own home. It was lovely being able to have our parents from both sides come up and visit our home for the Holidays.


After finishing up this post and looking back at everything that has happened, I am deeply moved and challenged by the goodness of God. In every moment of every day, He has been there, even during the trying times. He has blessed us with more blessings than we could ever imagine. But the biggest blessing He has given us is Himself. He has poured His life out onto us so that we may pour His love onto others. God you are the reason all of these amazing (and sometimes not so amazing) things have happened and for that I am thankful.

So I raise my glass to you 2010 and say, it's been a great year and I'm even more excited to see what 2011 holds for us. Happy New Year!

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Filled with quilty goodness said...

You have so much to be proud of and grateful for this year! Enjoy building your new family and adding more beauty to your house.

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