Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Time in a Teapot

Doesn't this photo just make you happy and want to run around barefoot in a field of flowers? So bright and happy.


So a lot of fun things have been happening lately. We're moving into our first house. That's right. We're all "growed up" now. It's been a long process of moving boxes over and we're still not done, but by this weekend, we should have everything over there and we will officially be living in the house. We have lots of projects to tackle in the house, like painting, ripping out/replacing base boards, replacing bathroom vanities and planting flowers, but it's all fun stuff that we're excited to do. AND my parents and brother are coming up at the end of the month to help us out. Don't worry, I'll be sharing photos soon. We've been so busy moving stuff over that thinking about grabbing my camera doesn't really hit me until we're already over at the house unpacking.

Let's see, what else? Well, we're having a little boy! You can see his sweet face here. (And yes, he has my nose and his Daddy's head). We're so excited that we're half-way through the pregnancy. The 2nd trimester has definitely been a lot more easy than the first. (Life is just always better without the constant feeling of nausea and heartburn). And my sweet little baby bump is getting bigger, which is exciting, especially since I can feel the little guy moving around a lot.

So yeah...lots going on. Many, many blessings from God and a lot of excitement.

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Anonymous said...

Such an exciting time in your life. We moved into our first house when I was 8 1/2 mths pg for Alicia. It was hot, hot, hot, but so fun! It was in late April. It made things go quickly planning for the move and then actually moving. Hope you will feel the same and before you know it your little boy will be in your arms.

Love the photo and it immediately made me smile.

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