Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wittle Bunnies

I found this fabulous tutorial for repurposing men's wear into fun sewing projects and just had to make these darling bunnies...just in time for Easter.

Instead of using men's wear, I used a pair of pants that I didn't wear anymore. The pastel stripes were absolutely perfect for this adorable trio of bunnies.

I used some of my Amy Butler and Kaffe Fassat fabric scraps for the inside of the ears.

You may be wondering, why make three bunnies? Well, I've begun somewhat of a new tradition for the Mommies in my life. Last year I made one of these for my Mom and decided I needed to make another bunny for her this year, so I made one of these. And since my Mom and my Mother-in-law will both be in town for Easter this year, I thought it would be perfect to make one for each of them. Now you're probably thinking, "Well you explained why you made two bunnies...but why three?"

Well...the third is for a certain little one who will call me Mommy in 7 months. That's right folks, the Hubby and I are going to have a baby! Now, this little one won't be able to enjoy their little bunny until October, but it will be sweetly waiting for our little one's arrival, as are we!


Jenny said...

congratulations. many happy blessings to your family!

Lannae Johnson said...

That is wonderful...congratulations! I regularly read your blog, so I feel as if I know you. I'll enjoy you posting about your journey to motherhood. All the best to you and your husband!

kristi said...

congrats to you and your husband! :)

Amber said...

oh congratulations Sarah - how exciting!!

mommymae said...

ahhhh!!!!!!!! i'm so excited for you guys!!! yay!!!!!

Amy said...

That is so exciting for you guys!

Dana said...

aaaaackkkk???!!!!??? how did I miss this little bit at the bottom????

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! So happy for you guys!

Nishant said...

congrats to you and your husband! :)
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dana said...

darling little bunnies! And CONGRATS again!! So very excited for you!!

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